Founders Infrequently Found

We know you, and we know you want to look different from everyone else your style is unique. Eclectic. Worldly. At Infrequently Found, we curate limited edition, conscious, fashion accessories and home décor that come from special places around the world. Our mission is to highlight and tell the story of talented artists and designers that don’t get the mainstream attention they deserve. Many are rooted in Latin America and offer one-of-a-kind beauty, meticulous craftsmanship and sustainable initiatives with every collection. Every piece is handmade ethically and produced solely by independent creators. Our purpose is to support, slow, meaningful, and ethical fashion. Therefore, we only offer small quantities per design. Nothing is mass-produced. Founded in 2020 by sister-brother fashion duo, Daniela and Camilo Uribe, Infrequently Found was born out of the desire to help their fellow Latin American artists to reach a global market. We are proud to have created a community of handmade artisans and fashion-forward fans who support independent artists. When you’re looking for pieces unlike any other, Infrequently Found guarantees uniqueness, authenticity, and limited availability.
We are always serving up original designs that make you stand out.