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Sugarcane Growers

Raised by a family of successful sugarcane growers, we understand the importance of taking care of the natural environment. Our family is one of the leading sustainable sugarcane farms in Colombia and has mentored many others in the importance of growing responsibly. It's in our DNA to maintain this standard.

There are two types of environmentally responsible packaging we use at Infrequently Found. One is made from Bagasse, the sugarcane plant's residue after being processed, and the other is a reusable drawstring bag made of recycled cotton. Additionally, we try to re-use all or most of the protective packaging materials from the products sent to us.


Infrequently Found’s Social purpose


Our Social Purpose


The love and connection we have for Colombia is undeniable. We value the immense talent found around the world. We support talented entrepreneurs that have been severely affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many of these artisans and creatives relied on brick-and-mortar stores. Infrequently Found’s purpose is to give brands the opportunity to continue their remarkable businesses, to recover sales, and to grow their market internationally. This is why we will not just sell their products through our online store, but we will share their personal stories, the story of each brand and the history of their craft.


We greatly value the importance handmade artistry and the time it takes to complete a work of art. Therefore, we support the idea of quality and exclusivity over quantity. We do not follow the fast-fashion model. We listen and learn from our partners and carry collections that will accommodate each of their individual production times and capabilities, promoting work-life balance. We deliver quality products that will be exceptionally unique, responsibly made, and Infrequently Found.