Ximena Castillo

24k Gold Plated Leaf Filigree Blue Crystal 2-in-1 Earring


A delicate, removable filigree circle with a vibrant blue crystal center held by a 24k gold plated leaf stud.

2in1 earrings


  • Handcrafted in Colombia
  • Material: 24k gold plated bronze, glass crystal


  • Stud leaf: 0.98in X 0.78in 2.5cm X 2cm (at widest and longest points)
  • long version:2.4in X 1.4in / 6cm X 3.5cm (At longest and widest points)


  • Stud: 2 grams each
  • long version: 7 grams each
    • (A quarter weighs 6 grams)

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